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Build a child Friendly city where all children will enjoy their BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.


To Make Guwahati more Child Friendly by realization of all the rights by the children. The initiative envision a city with no rag-pickers and begging youth , a city with no child labourer and abused children, with no hungry and malnourished children, with no children not going to school and youth without shelter , and a city totally free from substance abuse.

About Us

Having commenced in 2013 “Child Friendly Guwahati” is a focused civil society campaign to create a city wide movement of citizenry for children, especially those belongings to the marginalized section of the society to ensure their basic Rights to Survival, Protection, Development and Participation. The project envisages making Guwahati a Child Friendly City.
CFG was initiated as a Pilot Project with 5 Centers in Guwahati city. After the success of the Pilot phase, 35 CFG Centers were set up in different locations which were put under 7 Clusters. In these centers, the never enrolled/drop out children were given bridge course through playful learning methods. After a period of 9-12 months of Motivational classes in the centers, these children were mainstreamed back in formal schools. 2019 onwards instead of providing motivational classes, CFG started mainstreaming the never enrolled/ drop out children directly into government schools. CFG centers now referred to community spaces, space inside school campus etc. Tuition classes were conducted in these centers.

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